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    Our mission is to create organic, fun, comfy, multi-functional garments just for you!

    Buddha Pants® is a clothing company dedicated to creating multi-functional, travel-ready apparel, focusing on comfort and encouraging an active lifestyle.

    The name was manifested in 2012 and after a year of prototyping; research, design and development, the first round of pants were manufactured in November of 2013. (Thanks to the manufacturers and Creative Director Claudio Milano for making that happen! Based in Miami, Claudio has a self-titled high end fashion brand and boutique, dedicated to elegance and class.) Buddha Pants® have a small factory in Miami, Florida and another one in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Claudio spends half his time in Miami and the other half in Vietnam.

    Buddha Pants® fold themselves into their own pocket, making them a perfect travel-ready addition to any wardrobe! Buddha Pants® have flexible ankles that can be pulled up on the calf to create different looks.

    Rachel Raab
    Founder + Principal

    Raab, an artist and jack of all trades, holds an AS degree in Photographic Technology and a BFA in Photography with a minor in Graphic Arts. She has been a full-time Graphic Designer and part-time Printer and Photographer for almost two decades now, but with a move to Miami, Raab was looking to get away from the industry.

    Her found passion for yoga and her love of Harem Pants presented a superb mix for a new business venture and beginning. Raab now resides in Fort Lauderdale with her fiancé Richard and her young child Jaxson. They have a 5,000sqft distribution centre and warehouse with a yoga studio and zen courtyard. If you are ever in the area - swing by The Buddha Farm! 

    Lynn Kirkwood-Price & Simon Price
    Official UK Suppliers + Distributors

    Kirkwood-Price is also a Graphic Designer by trade. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design she has spent the past 18 years working as a Creative Designer & Art Director in marketing and design agencies, as well as enjoying a career as a successful freelancer.

    Price, having spent his working life in a corporate sales environment, initially in IT and then in property, was dragged kicking and screaming out of his suit and into his Buddha Pants® where he now happily resides!

    Lynn & Simon are proud to call London UK, their home for the past 14 years, and share a real love for this city. They are obsessive travellers however, so are never too far away from their next adventure. The Price's also own a jewellery company (Silverati) born from Lynn's love of the precious metals she has acquired on her travels and with a heavy emphasis on wellbeing and yoga.

    After 'discovering' Buddha Pants® for themselves in 2016, they are now thrilled to be bringing these amazing 'Pants that make you dance' to the UK.