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    Introducing the Buddha Pants® UK Collective


    ANISSA GOEMANN ~ Tasmania, Australia

    Anissa started her yoga journey some 25 years ago whilst at university in Germany. It started with classic Hatha yoga evolving into some Satyananda yoga. It triggered a deep interest in movement and mobility work. Life, work and love brought this little yogi to the other side of the planet to a little island off the coast of Australia, Tasmania, 12 years ago. In search of a little stronger styles of yoga, Anissa started to practice Bikram yoga but after a few years shifted to power yoga. Since there was no studio in Hobart that taught this style, Anissa decided to become a teacher herself. Studying with Duncan Peak and Baron Baptiste, Anissa completed over 500 hrs of training in this style. To complement the strong, physical style she also started to explore yin yoga to find balance.

    In 2015 Anissa had the opportunity to train with Budokon founder Cameron Shayne in Melbourne. Completing her Budokon yoga teacher training, she finally felt like she found her home. Budokon is based on three major movement styles: yoga, calisthenics and mixed martial arts. Upon completion of the training the decision was quickly made to plan completion of the 30 day, 500hr Budokon elite training in Miami. To prepare for this Anissa started to expand her movement practice delving deeper into martial arts. It took over two years for the plan to finally come to fruition but in March 2018 Anissa finally made the trip to Miami completing the 500 hr training. Returning to Australia as a Budokon red belt she now shares her love for Budokon in Hobart teaching regular yoga and mobility classes.


    ANNA BOTTING ~ London, UK

    After experiencing the transformative power of yoga and meditation practice in her daily life, Anna embarked on a lifetime training path as yoga teacher. She studied with her Zen Master, Julian Daizan Skinner, for her first 200 hours of teacher training rooted in the Yogacara philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism which gave her a strong grounding and insight full perspective as a teacher.

    Practicing Ashtanga and Prana Vinyasa Flow, she decided last year to deepen her studies and started 300 hours of training with Shiva Rea and her long time assistant, Alessandra Pecorella. The rest of her time she devotes to in-depth studies of Shaiva Tantra philosophy as transmitted through teachings & work of Christopher Wallis. She hopes to join a course lead by another renowned tantric scholar, Paul Muller - Ortega, before the end of this year.

    While not in a yoga studio, practicing or teaching, she is freelancing as a Sommelier in London, travelling as far as she can get, or cooking delicious vegetarian & vegan food in her small kitchen :) while listening to music.


    CATHY TIDESWELL ~ Staffordshire, UK

    Cathy is a freelance photographer, mindful macramé artist and devoted Yogi. Her love of yoga began at the start of 2018 after a period of acute anxiety when her only place of sanctuary was on the mat.

    She taught herself through home practice using Instagram and You Tube videos, before finding solace in a local yoga studio, Love and Light Shala, which has evolved her practice both on and off the mat. Cathy is due to travel to India shortly to complete her Vinyasa YTT. She has found Yoga has impacted her life in such a positive way and she can’t wait to inspire her students through the delivery of creative flows and mindfulness.

    When not practising, Cathy is always found with her trusty camera by her side snapping away and finding beauty in the unexpected. She creates macramé products such as lampshades and plant hangers.

    Cathy loves her Buddha Pants jumpsuit as it gives her the opportunity to downward dog at any given moment! She also loves to travel and is looking forward to her upcoming India travels in her Buddha Pants pieces! 


    EMMA VASQUEZ ~ Carlisle, UK

    Emma started her journey into yoga in 2012 – she soon fell in love with the Ashtanga Yoga practice and went on to train in Ashtanga Yoga with none other than Manju Pattabhi Jois himself. Prior to this, Emma certified as a 200RYT and currently has over 20,000 hours of teaching experience.

    Emma founded & owns Ashtanga Yoga Carlisle and runs a thriving Mysore Ashtanga programme thanks to her in depth study & practice of the Ashtanga Yoga method, which she is well known for.
    Emma’s philosophy is to make Ashtanga Yoga accessible for everyone but maintaining its traditions thoroughly as well as holding space for her students to deepen and enjoy their practice.
    Emma teaches exclusively at The Yoga Studio Carlisle in Cumbria which is ranked in women’s health magazine as one of the Top 25 studios in the UK. Also a lead teacher in The Yoga Studios 200 hour functional Hatha YTT, which takes place yearly. 
    Emma came across Buddha Pants whilst teaching Ashtanga at the Om Yoga Show and instantly fell in love with them! 



    HENRY NEUMANN ~ Bamberg, Germany

    'Henry the Newman' has always had one constant in his life that was the main ingredient to his spiritual and physical self-discovery: MOVEMENT. Not only did this guide him through numerous sports & movement disciplines, from Aikido to Dance, from Crossfit to Yoga, movement also guided his research in human psychology, philosophy, nutrition and medicine. The incredible dedication to his craft of movement is both seen in his own training, as well as being one of the main teachers & ambassadors of the Mixed Movement Budokon in Europe. In Budokon, the fusion of Martial Arts and Yoga, Henry has found a holistic training system to share his year-long research and training with dedicated students all over the world. 

    Henry has trained and learnt directly from the acknowledged father of Mixed Movement Arts and Budokon founder Cameron Shayne, cultivating thousands of training hours both in Europe and in the US. Currently living in Germany, he is teaching Budokon & Movement both regionally in South Germany, as well as travelling to workshops and events around Europe. The connection with Budokon however, has also exposed Henry to Buddha Pants and their products. As both Yoga and Martial Arts require lots of freedom for movement, he was astonished with the style and functionality of Buddha Pants. Once tried on, there was no going back to any other loose-fit pants. Now, you will see Henry wearing his Buddha Pants while training, travelling and in the comfort of his home. His favourite ones remains his first acquired Buddha Pants, in plain black.


    HOLLY BAILEY ~ Warrington, UK

    Holly is a nature loving yogi from Cheshire. She loves exploring the great outdoors and going on new adventures, which fits in nicely with her passion for creative photography and capturing the beauty of nature. She has been a professional portrait photographer, photographing families, babies, pets and weddings.

    Holly’s love for yoga began around 3 years ago when she attended a class at her gym and has been practising ever since. She loves to practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Jivamukti yoga, attending classes in the Manchester area. She really enjoys being part of the yoga community there.

    Comfort and style are an important part of Holly’s lifestyle and that’s why she is such a fan of Buddha Pants! She loves to slip into them whether it’s for a wriggle on the mat or for a cosy movie night on the sofa. To achieve her goal of becoming a yoga teacher, Holly will be travelling to Goa, India, in February 2019 to complete her 200 hour YTTC. She hopes one day to be able to inspire her students just as much as she has been inspired by her teachers, and to spread her love for yoga with others.


    JOSE RAJADELL ~ Barcelona, Spain

    Passionate about sports and human movement, Jose has been a coach and physical trainer since 2004. During all this time he has dedicated his professional career to learning and improving as an athlete and as a teacher. Practicing and obtaining degrees in different disciplines such as functional training, strength training, TacFit, mobility, Paleotraining, Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, OCR training, Animal Flow… Jose is also a certified Yoga instructor and teacher of physiology applied to Yoga in Yoga Inbound Barcelona.

    Knowing the importance of the body-mind connection, is key for Jose. His belief is that only by combining a strong body-mind with a flexible body-mind can we master emotions and thoughts, achieving access to our maximum potential as a humans and our maximum spiritual development. That is why the combination of functional strength and yoga with meditation that he practices and teaches, shows us a path towards this connection of body-mind both in sports and life.


    NOZOMI SUEYASU SMITH ~ Kidderminster, UK

    Nozomi is a 500 hour certified Stråla Yoga Guide, trained by the founders of Stråla yoga ~ Tara Stiles and Mike Taylor. She’s been practising yoga for the past eight years and guiding others through their practices for more than three. Her favourite part of being a yoga guide is being connected with people, because it allows her to connect herself. 

    When she’s not guiding yoga classes you’ll find Nozomi in the sunshine, or failing the weather, just outside! A happy person who is often found dancing around whilst listening to her favourite songs. What she loves most in life is getting to watch the sun rise and set, and walking on sandy beaches with her toes in the water. Nozomi's perfect day would start watching the sun come up, some meditation and yoga, finished off with a spectacular sunset. She surrounds herself with people who love and connect with themselves ~ it's very important to her because she finds that they bring out the best in her and allow and encourage her to reconnect with herself.


    SHARDY ROBERTS ~ Watford, UK

    Shardy is a bit of an eco warrior, a path that led to her co-founding an Eco-friendly yoga clothing company in 2018. In addition to this she is also a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance as well as being a Sports, Injury and Holistic Massage Therapist ~ she embraces the alternative and holistic lifestyle in every way possible.
    Her yoga journey started around 30 years ago in a chilly town hall with her mum, a memory that has stayed with her and helped shape her love of yoga over the years. A very different experience to the lovely warm yoga studio she now teaches at in Bushey.
    She lives with her husband, rugby mad son and fur baby (a cocker spaniel) in Hertfordshire. With a busy lifestyle, comfort is key, so when Shardy isn’t in yoga leggings she loves to slip into her Buddha Pants and embrace the beach hippy that wants to spring out of her at every possible opportunity.




    Tanja is a Freelance Project and Change Manager. Her job allows her to work with a wide variety of people, which she loves. Originally from Germany, her contract assignments have meant that she has worked across Europe, including in Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. Currently Tanja is back in the UK where she lives with her husband and two adorable cats in London. London in her eyes is the most beautiful city in the world. The architecture, cuisine and the diversity of people makes her really happy.

    Tanja enjoys escaping her corporate working life by unwinding in yoga classes. Yin Yoga is her all-time favourite. Practicing regularly to keep her body stretched out from a job were she mostly sits, and her running hobby. Tanja has run about 10 half marathons and one full marathon, in Chicago. She came across Buddha Pants about a year ago and fell in love with the comfort they offer and the gorgeous fabrics immediately. She is currently the proud owner of five pairs of Buddha Pants and one Jumpsuit ~ and they are a regular birthday present to friends and family around the world. Her Buddha Pants are her favourite travel companion, besides her husband of course!


    If you are interested in joining the Buddha Pants UK Collective, please see the application details here.