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It's time to Spring into Spring!

It's time to Spring into Spring!

Winter always seems to drag on, for some at least. Living in the UK, if you are a warm weather and sunshine lover, this season can feel like an endurance. Really though, it's a time for rest, healing and for giving ourselves space to take stock. Nature intends that we use this time to review our past year and prepare for what the new set of seasons will bring us.

It's a time of re-birth, so take a lesson from the world around us, and use Spring to launch a new version of you into the brightest and most productive time of the year!

Here are five ways you can make the most of Spring:

• Physically de-clutter
'Spring Clean' is a saying for a reason. It's the perfect time to clean out the old, to make way for the new. Consider parting with anything you haven't used or worn for the past 2 years. It's amazing how quickly your possessions accumulate and it's good practice to have a proper clear-out every year. Good condition items can go to the charity shops, but also check your local listings for donations that may be wanted at homeless centres, animal shelters etc. Most other items can be recycled, if not in your regular recycling, then at your local re-use and re-cycle centre

• Mentally and emotionally de-clutter
Let go of everything that is holding you back or weighing you down. Tackle these things one at a time, and if you can't walk away from something negative, try and decide on the most positive way of dealing with it. Make a step-by-step plan, and keep yourself committed to it. Knowing that you are making progress on these difficult to clear items, should really help

• Start a practice
Yoga, meditation or a daily walk can be enough to have a huge impact on your mental and physical health and wellbeing. It's time out from everything else, and time just for you. If this isn't your cup-of-tea, you could do worse than a chapter or two of a novel. Anything that is easy to implement and slows you down, grounding you for even just a few minutes a day, is time well spent

• Spend time outdoors
Lighter evening now the clocks have gone forward, invite more time outside. Take a walk around the park, watch the blossoms and leaves appearing, listen to the birds and watch nature come out of hibernation. If you don't have time to walk for walking's sake, then park further away from the office, walk with the kids to school, or get off the bus a few stops earlier. It's a great time to start working on your garden if you have one, it's great exercise as well as being very rewarding as you watch your efforts come to fruition. Maybe consider growing some fruit or veg, healthy, organic home grown produce cannot be beaten, and can encourage fussy eaters if your kids are that way inclined! If you don't have a garden, consider volunteering at a local project

• Take a trip
Get on the road, or make a plan to. Even a weekend away is worth doing at this time of year. Changing your physical surroundings can really help offer you space and clarity to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Combining this with a catch up with family and/or friends, is sure to get your spring to a great start!


Whatever you decide to do, embrace this wonderful season! 

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