Why is creativity important, and how to keep it in times of uncertainty

Why is creativity important, and how to keep it in times of uncertainty

By: Tanja Williams

Creativity has a reputation that it needs be tied to something artistic. When we think of a creative person, we maybe imagine a painter, a sculptor or an author. Even in the dictionary, the official definition of the word creativity is: ‘the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative’.

However, creativity is so much more than this. Creativity enables us to solve problems more quickly, be more adaptable in changing situations, and it helps us develop as people.

Stressful situations, such as the current corona pandemic, can cause a mindset that doesn’t work well with creativity. So, how can we stay creative in difficult and uncertain times?

Documenting your thoughts, tasks and any other notes you have, will free up valuable space in your brain. Carrying a notebook with you can take the pressure of forgetting something away, because you can write down whatever you need to remember.

It certainly has helped me to stay creative over the last few months. Everything is consolidated in my notebook that I have with me all the time. It keeps my mind free and my anxiety at bay.

Studying a new subject or learning a new skill, will broaden your horizons and enable you to use different parts of your brain. You could learn a new language or teach yourself something crafty via YouTube. The possibilities are endless. Increasing our skill set also increases our confidence, which in turn can make us braver, and encourage us to step out of our comfort zone more often. This is the true birth-ground of creativity. Try it, it’ll be worth it.

Fresh air and going outside
Our brain needs oxygen to maintain a healthy function, to grow and to heal. A person that takes regular walks outside improves their brain function.

Usually it doesn’t do us any favours if we are mulling over things for too long. It closes us off from solutions that should come more naturally. A change of scenery can help us to get things into perspective and regain our creativity to get to the solution quicker.

Overall, being mindful, reflecting and documenting are fantastic way to start, and being creative, even in difficult and uncertain times. With the help of creativity we can face anything!

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